These are some of our allies, and other useful places.

    Veterans Emergency Transition Services

V.E.T.S. Canada – Ground Support for Veterans

For the past several years, V.E.T.S. Canada has been providing support to veterans in crisis.  Founded by Jim Lowther CD in Halifax, V.E.T.S. Canada has spread across the country and around the globe.  V.E.T.S. reaches out to lost comrades living on the street and provides help to those who need it.  It’s a fantastic organization.  While you are checking out their page, don’t forget to hit the Donate button, because they really need your help.

Another project by Jim Lowther, Guitars for Vets is dedicated to helping veterans heal through the power of music. It’s a great program that can give veterans solace and comfort; music therapy has a proven track record in the treatment of mental illness and can be good physical therapy for a number of physical problems. Go check it out!

    Colonel Pat Stogran

Colonel P@ hasn’t been slack since he stopped being Ombudsman. Pat continues to advocate for veterans, makes numerous media appearances, ran for leader of the federal NDP, and is continually speaking out about the issues he sees in the federal government.

He founded The Rebel Gorilla
, where his mission is “to promote a dynamic, enterprising and benevolent interpretation of Leadership to aspiring Leaders”

Pat also wrote a book detailing his time as the first Veterans Ombudsman and “The Government’s Secret War Against Canada’s Veterans.”

    Canadian Veterans Advocacy

Like Our Duty, CVA was spawned as a result of Col Pat Stogran’s infamous news conference.  Since 2010, CVA has been fighting for veterans under the banner “One Veterans One Standard”.  CVA founder Mike Blais CD launched the first ever nation-wide protest by Canada’s veterans and has been rallying the troops ever since.



was created to help sort out issues with Veterans Affairs Canada.  While the Office itself focuses on systemic issues, the fine folks there are always willing to lend a hand.  Can’t figure out who to call?  Call them!  1-877-330-4343


is a non-partisan coalition of Canadians and Canadian organizations committed to defending our collective and individual rights to dissent, advocacy and democratic space.

We believe that both citizens and governments have positive roles to play in supporting civil society, and in encouraging respect for our democratic rights and values, including free speech, transparency and equality.

Voices-Voix is doing a fine job of tracking those individuals who have spoken out about government misdeeds and suffered for it.  Their site is an essential read for anyone interested in how our government REALLY operates.

In 2011, a group of concerned Canadians formed the Equitas Disabled Soldiers Funding Society (Equitas Society – meaning ”Equality”), incorporated pursuant to the Laws of British Columbia, in order to provide these services to our disabled soldiers.

a) To raise the awareness of this very important issue so the public and the government will fix the problem of reduced disability benefits provided to our disabled Canadian soldiers as result of the 2006 New Veterans Charter,

b) To raise the funds necessary to pay for the legal disbursement costs of the disabled soldiers who have retained the law firm, Miller Thomson, to address their reduced disability benefits in the courts.