Day 1 of Veterans Among Us was a great success. Those who participated found the experience to be rewarding. Some received thanks and recognition and respect. Others got the chance to enlighten citizens. It was a good day. But don’t forget: Day 2 happens on the 30th, to close the Month of Remembrance!

By the way, you can read editorials written by President Jeff Rose-Martland by clicking on his name on the side-bar and scrolling down to see the titles. When one strikes your interest, click on it and you’ll be taken there.

Something fantastic has happened! Over the summer, we started a petition to defend the social contract with veterans. This week, Change.Org came on board as supporter, to help us promote the petition. On Tuesday, we had about 1500 signatures, collected since the summer. Thanks to Change.org sending out an action notice, our petition now has almost 32,000 names (at time of writing). YOU can help! You can share the petition link: http://www.change.org/ourduty You can email out the action alert to your friends. You can encourage everyone you know to sign on. Click Here for the campaign information.

We must defend the social contract with our veterans; meeting our obligations to them. Government as argued that we don’t owe them anything – tell Government that they are wrong.


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  1. Pat Prevost says:

    Give our veterans what they deserve. P

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