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  1. Kelly Porter Franklin says:

    Hi Jeff
    Just wanted you to have my contact details in case questions arise regarding the many contamination issues plaguing vets in Canada. I’ve made a particular study of CFB Gagetown (and presented my findings to Pat Stogran) but have alarming information on other bases too. I started out documenting Chemical and Biological Warfare routes of exposure (Agent Orange, mustard gas, etc) for our vets but now have many documents on Radiological (A-bomb tests, DU) as well as a range of other toxics (burn pits, asbestos, poisonous desalination plants aboard Navy ships, you name it).

    I have some shocking information and if any of these documents can help in your efforts, let me know.

    #413-2560 Departure Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC V9S-5P1
    PS) I’m sure you want to maintain an apolitical stance for your website so I’ll be discreet on CRUSH.

  2. Susan Richey says:

    Hi There: I found your organization while watching a documentary about the state of veteran’s Affairs and how poorly our vets are treated ( which by the way, was absolutely heartwrenching). I was reeling from that and I heard from different news sources, that three veterans had committed suicide within one weekend ( Thursday to Monday). (are you sure THIS is not Steve Harper’s REAL plan…to make vet’s life so miserable and desperate they “off” themselves??) When I recovered sufficiently, I could stand idly by and do nothing. What can one person do? I tried writing to several MPs regarding the video of how utterly DISRESPECTFULLY the Veterans Affairs Minister spoke to several veterans who tried to talk to him about the cuts. Apparently there is no recourse for that degree of ignorance in a elected official, save not electing him next time. I may not have a title but my patents taught common politeness and respect for people to whom we owe our way of life.
    The prime minister and the Veterans Affairs minister may not have the foresight to realize the far reaching effects of their decisions, probably not in their term, but it is going to be a huge deterrant to signing up for the military when you see how badly they are treated on any return. No matter how patriotic one is, being given no support whatsoever returning form any conflict or peacekeeping missions is totally DIScouraging…even the US treats its people a little better than we do.
    I am also curious why the higher ups in this department seem to be immune to any type or investigations, or even the slightest allusion on how they are managing our money…If they do their own investigations, or are investigated by the Senate, isn’t that kind of circular, they are never going to get prosecuted. And rather ironically, Parliament always seem to find money to help the banks and corporations out of any financial difficulties, no questions asked or answered..
    Sorry for the rant…
    Susan Richey

  3. Stephen says:

    Dear Friends,

    I know that you cannot help, they are misusing the whole system for personal gain and to torture people ruining their health without any regard for victims and their families. With military culture like that raping and torturing their own people we do not need any enemies. You can only pass this on to our citizens as an awareness and wakeup call that justice is just an illusion in Canada. At least we are aware of their methods and how to recognize it at the beginning before any serious damage is done.

    It is up to us to raise our voices and not to be silent, to keep them accountable for their actions, because this is our country and we want to live in democratic country. We have to confront oppression and injustice to defeat it, we are human beings and we deserve to be treated with respect. They use tactics to blame the victim whatever works to cover over military structures of racism in psychological violence and also serves to protect the military from critique.

    Canadian military physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists allowed ‘cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment’ while acting at the direction of Canadian military leaders. The doctors and psychologists working with the Canadian military base Trenton became involved in – the systematic torture designed to ‘induce hopelessness’ and also to ‘psychologically dislocate’ me. Method used to induce this feeling was isolation.

    It is unfortunate that I have to go Internationally for help as I was completely ignored in my own country. The silence just gave me more strength to continue my struggle for the truth, I believe that silence is just condemnation of injustice or “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

    Help me and my family to expose unprofessional and unethical medical staff in the Canadian Military , this low standard in practice should be brought to an international institution for evaluation. I am willing to provide 160 pages of my file generated in only 1 year. I am also willing to undergo any international evaluation necessary to prove corrupted medical system and unprecedented violation of basic human rights.

    Stephen Stepic

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