1. Keep up your good work Jeff. Your fighting the good fight, and your efforts are much appreciated! Thank you.

  2. Having just returned from a cruise on the Princess Line, my wife and I were pleasantly surprised to see others wearing their poppies. We had many people who asked why there were so many people wearing poppies and we were happy to do our part to educate as many as possible. I also noticed a box of poppies on the pursuer’s desk.

    Arte Et Marte

  3. From just south of you in So. CA, I appreciate what you’re doing to direct attention and help to the warriors. We have the same problem here where these men and women are only cared for properly (and barely then) while they are an asset to The State and then discarded the moment they become a liability. I imagine we’ll have to push as hard as we can, our governments to do the right thing but we’ll have to pick up the slack ourselves, families, churches and organizations. God Bless You Friends !

  4. Bravo Zulu, keep up the good fight for Canadian Veterans, Ubique

  5. I’m a 29 year old man from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. It is with great shame that I currently find myself. I have always been a very proud Newfoundlander, and a proud Canadian, all up until very recently. Admittedly I have no love for the wars our country is currently waging, however I do hold deep respect for the men and women that have the courage and bravery to continue their ever vigil for my freedom. This week I was listening to VOCM Open Line, and a caller who I have heard on the show before struck me dearly with his story, and his cry for help. This brave soul, a Veteran, suffers from PSTD, which is a very serious issue. As someone who has suffered from mental health issues, I understand they can be difficult and hard to speak about. I cannot however relate with this man’s suffering and the traumatic experiences he has been through in his life. After listening to this man’s conversation there was three main things that shouted out to me. 1. We as Canadian’s have stood by idly and allowed our government to turn its back on the people that fight and have fought for our freedoms. 2. We need to stand and fight now for those we have betrayed with our ignorances (you the veterans) and help in anyway possible to not only give you a good life but one that is without worries of money or where you will get your next meal. 3. We (Canada) have to address in full any issues that any Veteran is suffering from Mentally or Physically.

    Again I’m sorry for personally being Idle and betraying you all with my ignorance. I appreciate everything that you have all done for our country and personally for my family and my personal freedom.

    I would love to know if there is anything that needs to be done, be it letters written or rally’s attended that I can do for you here in Newfoundland.

  6. I’m trying to find out how I get a 3 Mech Cdo patch

  7. Now is the time Canadians set the rules for how our soldiers are treated by telling their politicians what we want for the men and women who place their lives in danger for us and our way of life.

    Full medical benefits for the soldier and immediate family inclusive of eyes, teeth, prosthetics, and all disability needs. From the time of induction into the force until they pass from the sight of man.

    Full pension with contributions shared 50/50 during training and non-dangerous activities; 75% paid by us as employers when conducting emergency services with a potential for severe injury or death; 100% paid by us as employers for times spent at war or as peacekeepers.

    Monthly counselling services from time of enrollment, through all years of service, and until no longer required after retirement. Counselling services to be increased when necessary.

    Full and complete resources to ensure mental and physical conditions are returned to as near pre enrollment as possible.

    Establish the Ombudsman as a representative of the veterans and serving soldiers – not the Government.

    Have the military select their own equipment subject to oversight by a House of Commons multi party committee within a budget established by Perliament.

    What else do our soldiers and Veterans rerquire?

  8. Today I am wearing a Canadian Flag, a support the troops pin and the year of the veterans pin for our three young soldiers who passed away. Every school, every workplace, every town hall should be flying their flags at half mast and there should be 2 minutes of silence and then sing O Canada at the top of our lungs in respect for these young soldiers. All the flags should be at half mast until all the soldiers who are trying to recover from battlefield combat get the services they deserve. This small gesture would send a message to our lawmakers that what they are doing is not good enough.

  9. As a strong supporter of veterans and now presently, a parent of an Afghanistan veteran, I am very pleased to hear of your group ‘Our Duty.’ For years I have been saying DND is not doing enough for returning soldiers and they definitely need another ‘voice’ to provide support. I read of your group after hearing of the two suicides this morning…I’m sick that DND treats our soldiers like ‘commodities’ – either useful or used up.



  10. I’ve heard that argument. I’ve also heard the other point: that no one should tell a widow how to honour her husband.

    MY point is that she should not be risking criminal charges for honouring her husband. Whether you agree with her decision or not, whether it offends your sensibilities, should she be facing the same penalty as someone who solicits a prostitute or commits assault? Because that where the law stands now: $5000 fine or 2 years in prison. Is her decision THAT wrong? – JRM

  11. Retired end August and looking to for means and ways of making sure vets and serving members are treated in a decent and just manner. Let me know how I might assist the cause.

  12. I love this idea. Keep up the great work. Do you have a link to a FB Group? Can you post it here somewhere? Thanx

  13. Keep up the good work.

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