Defending the Social Contract



It’s been a wild ride for the past week. We are now closing in on 50,000 names and plenty of media. Keep sharing!

Something fantastic has happened! Over the summer, we started a petition to defend the social contract with veterans. This week, Change.Org came on board as supporter, to help us promote the petition. On Tuesday, we had about 1500 signatures, collected since the summer. Thanks to sending out an action notice, our petition now has almost 32,000 names (at time of writing). YOU can help! You can share the petition link: You can email out the action alert to your friends. You can encourage everyone you know to sign on. Click Here for the campaign information.

We must defend the social contract with our veterans; meeting our obligations to them. Government as argued that we don’t owe them anything – tell Government that they are wrong.

Rick Mercer did a fine job in his rant this week, summing up how we are treating our vets.



  1. News for | says:

    […] Defending the Social Contract […]

    • ritazmurphy says:

      Our military returning from war must be treated with respect and most importantly their needs must be taken care of, whatever those needs may be. We live freely thanks to them, yes even you “the” Senators of the Upper House enjoy this freedom. Re-write the guide lines clearly and precisely for “the” Senators expense accounts and all politicians expense accounts……that would certainly free up lots of bucks to support our Vets in need!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Stephen Harper & Mr.Peter MacKay,

      I have recently learned you are in the process of closing many of the Veterans Affairs offices in Nova Scotia. I have never written about any changes the government has proposed in the past. This proposal is beyond belief as the very same people who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country and democracy are being marginalized and caused more hardship by this indecent proposal. For what I ask. The result will be secondly, more people taken out of the workforce in Nova Scotia. For what, to pay bureaucrats more money for incompetence and laziness.

      The first and foremost result of this action will cause the ladies and gentlemen who served this country longer wait time and less funding which they all deserve. It would seem this government is Hell bent to attack the people who are less prepared to defend themselves. They paid their all, to fight for what you have today.

      I can assure you that every person of voting age who stood out in the cold today will remember this travesty against our veterans. We remember them for over a hundred years and we, the voters, in Nova Scotia, will remember this attack on our veterans by the Conservative Government on election day. We are no longer isolated as social media has united the people and we have a voice which will be heard as one against this proposal. I would suggest Mr. Harper and Mr. MacKay have a sober second thought before you put this self defeating plan into action.

      I plead that all of my Facebook friends share this in any way they can…I will be sending letters out as well as emails to everyone and anyone about this matter of utmost importance!

      Rose Holden and Bill Thibeau, Hebbville, Nova Scotia

  2. Connie Ferguson says:

    Our Politicians need to do a tour of duty and then maybe they would think a lot better about the way they are treating our Veterans. It is our duty as Canadians to take care of them when they come home wounded for the rest of their lives.

  3. I just watched an interview on CBC’s “Power and Politics” about a petition, how do I sign it?

  4. James Venneear says:

    As John Perrott wrote above, I too would like to know How I sign the petition

  5. Mike says:

    I can’t find any way to sign a petition or email the organization. The website needs some work. Contact me and I’ll happily sign!

  6. Kathleen Vowinckel says:

    The number of politicians having any personal connection to the military has drastically decreased. They have little understanding of the human problems caused by a soldier going to war. Politicians should be willing to live by the conditions they impose on our soldiers, rather than the fat salaries and pensions on Pariament Hill.
    If we ask people to serve militarily for us, and they get injured (physically or mentally), it is our duty to continue paying their salary until they are of retirement age and then pay the appropriate pension. In the event of death the family should continue to be supported at the same level, and all the children’s post-secondary schooling should be paid for.
    I also watched Power and Politics. Where do we vote?

  7. t jonker says:

    how do I sign the petition

  8. Sharon Glover says:

    Check out LATEST NEWS then UPDATES… :-)

  9. margaret beresford says:

    Well, its the same ole thing, if legitimate complaints are made the stupid response is ‘don’t politicalize’ veterans issues (unless your praising the conservatives—then its not political. Some day Canadians will be more questioning about policies that read well– but –produce less and less. It was so great to hear you speak up for vets (my father served in WW1 and WW11). Lets hope that someday we will be able to finally have governments that make sure they are sending our troops for only military defense reasons instead of less than clear suspect agendas.

  10. Maureen says:

    are you going to update this site, any plans for future protest, council of Canadians had brief notice today about vets

  11. Thomas says:

    Something most people do not know. I am a retired veteran, and when I turned 65 and began to receive CPP benefits, the Government took it off my military pension. So, I lost $530 and received $544, for a total increase of $14. They say that when I joined the military, I signed a contract stating they could do this. Do you have any idea how many times I signed my name when I joined? If I had tried to read everything, I would have been there for three days. This has been going on between our military and the government for at least fifty years. Why would anyone think they would treat our wounded vets any differently. If you want to get put over a barrel, join the military and do what you think is right for our freedom. Do I sound a little bitter – hoorah, you got it. Thank you to all the other veterans for their service to our country, but no thanks to any of the politicians.

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