About Our Duty


Our Duty was founded in August 2010, after Jeff Rose-Martland reviewed the press conference hosted by then-Veterans Ombudsman Col. Pat Stogran and featuring veterans Dennis Manuge and Sean Bruyea.  Jeff was so offended at the way veterans are being treated that he contacted the colonel via twitter and asked what he could do to help.  Stogran replied, “Tell people.”

So he did.

Our Duty was founded with a double mission.  The first, primary goal, is to encourage citizens to get involved in their society, from their neighbourhoods to national affairs.  As citizens of a nation, we are entitled to certain rights, but with those rights also comes responsibility: responsibility to be involved, to look after each other, to do things that need to be done, to keep watch on those we entrust with power, to be aware.  Our Duty’s mandate is to encourage, and recognize, citizen participation.


The second – and more public – mission derives directly from the first: to ensure veterans are cared for.  Those who serve in the Forces and RCMP do so because we ask it of them; they are serving us.  Parliamentarians also serve us.  We have entrusted Parliament to look after our veterans.  This is not happening.  Which means it is up to Citizens to correct.  One group of our employees is mistreating another, in our names.  If Citizens permit this to continue, then we are to blame for what veterans suffer.

Our Duty is non-partisan.  On the veterans issue, we believe that every government to date has dropped the ball, and that every parliament is equally responsible for failing to pick it up.  On citizen participation, we believe that those in government must be held to account, regardless of party.  Our Duty may, from time to time, support certain motions or politicians – this is because we believe in the work, not because we support any party.  Our Duty is dedicated to identifying and solving problems and will work with – or against – anyone, for the good of Canada.


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