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Our Duty is a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging citizen involvement in society. We are also the only citizen-based advocacy group working for fair and adequate treatment of Canada’s veterans.

“Leadership is about submission to duty, not elevation to power.” – Gordon Tootoosis, Blackstone

We believe that citizens of a nation have a responsibility to each other, to care for those who sacrifice for our national interest in the Forces and RCMP, and a duty to remind our governments that they serve us, not the reverse. – Jeff Rose-Martland, President


Due to shifts in interest away from discrete websites and towards social media, this site is rarely updated.

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View Jeff Rose-Martland’s work at The Huffington Post Canada.  Please note: not all articles are related to this site and his views should not be interpreted as official standpoints of Our Duty Inc.



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CONSULTATION: VAC has ordered, oh no, instructed, oh no, informed, oh no, told, oh no, asked if they, not mandatory for VAC staff, 866 line, CM, VSA, to tell us Thanks for your Service.
Q. Have you ever been told by anyone, in any of your dealings with VAC, Thanks for your Service?
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