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Our Duty is a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging citizen involvement in society. We are also the only citizen-based advocacy group working for fair and adequate treatment of Canada’s veterans.

We believe that citizens of a nation have a responsibility to each other, to care for those who sacrifice for our national interest in the Forces and RCMP, and a duty to remind our governments that they serve us, not the reverse. – Jeff Rose-Martland, President


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Do NOT post hate-filled rants targeting a group of people for the actions of a few.

Our Duty is about coming together as Canadians to make out country better. This requires us to work together to hold politicians to account, to support those who serve our national interests, and to improve life for all Canadians.

Our Duty is NOT about blaming others, targeting minorities, promoting torture and other human rights abuses, or otherwise fueling hate, intolerance, and violence. If that is your agenda, feel free to remove yourself.
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Festering Wounds An Observation Post Column by Captain (Retired) Matthew Edwards, CD A Supreme Court of Canada case stated that unresolved labour disputes were like "festering wounds" crying out for...

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Wolf Wm Solkin

Many of you may be aware of my open and unfettered criticism of our Government, in general, and Veterans Affairs Canada, in particular, for their poisonous potion of intolerable indifference, insensitivity, incompetence, insufficiency, interference and innumerable, insufferable, and often disastrous delays in the conduct of their mandated care and welfare of Canada's Veterans, in their charge.

That said, I feel free to voice my opinion about a recent, still nascent, call for our protestations about that egregious bureaucratic behaviour, to take the form of openly urging Canadian youth to refrain from joining the military.

While I might understand the frustration and, indeed, anger with "The System". which could give rise to such sentiments, i can in no way, shape, or form, concur or condone any movement or organization which would espouse a boycott of our Canadian Armed Forces, whose function it is to protect our country, and our countrymen, from those who would seek to do us harm.

That type of action would, in itself, although perhaps unintentionally and unknowingly, inevitably subvert and sabotage the very foundation upon which our precious freedoms rely, for their preservation

This perverse version of advance mutiny, would be tantamount to eventual anarchy, and I genuinely question whether that is the end result envisaged by those proponents of the program to discourage enlistment, simply in order to twist the tail of those who fail us.

By all means, let us all rail, rant, scream, shout, curse, expose and fight our obstinate, obstructionist opponents, who so badly mistreat us, and mishandle our most dire needs, with seeming impunity. But let us not be so foolish or foolhardy to, for one moment, encourage the discouragement of our courageous young people, from enlisting in the military service of their/our country.

Besides, I'm getting too old for this kind of crap.

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Tidings of Well-being. The holidays can be a tough time for people. Take the time for yourself and ask for help if you need it. #mentalhealth More information: ow.ly/45n030hbmgX

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